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From photojournalism to portraiture, weddings to rock shows, Jen Hopper wields her camera around the Midwest from Iowa to Indiana. She captures the candid, intimate moments that define events, be it a beautiful ceremony, a Pride Parade in the city, or one of the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago's Rock Away Racism events. Even in her portraiture, she finds the most revealing out-takes and memorable images.

Enticed by every event that draws a crowd, Hopper’s lens is at its most vivid in her concert photography. Her live-action shots of musicians in their element put you at the front row for up-and-coming Chicago-area bands and even packed arena shows like 2011's gigantic Honda Civic Tour. As a fan of music and a photographer for several music sites, she is energized by the shift as more artists go independent, relying increasingly on social media to communicate directly with their fanbase. Her support of an unsigned Chicago band, Empires, landed her photography a spot in Rolling Stone, as well as publications such as Muruch and INK Toronto to name a few. Her eye captures the unique emotion and energy, bringing the performance right to viewer through her photographs. Hopper also has a special interest in female musicians and in networking with other lady photographers in an industry largely dominated by men.

‘Coble’ Hopper’s travels through the Midwest, wandering around abandoned buildings, shooting weddings, senior portraits, boudoir, holiday events and rock shows all over the midwest. She’s available for commission nationwide and is seeking out opportunities to shoot corporate events, unique weddings and of course, performances of all kinds.